Healthy Eating Habits
Tabreek, Age 12, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

A hawker stood outside children’s school and sold sweet corns. Children loved sweet corns. On a weekend two bees were flying around the food stall. They were tempted to eat the yummy corns.

Bee 1: “See the sweet corns. These would be very delicious! I want to have some.”

Bee 2: “Corns really seems delicious but we can’t get through.”

Bee 1: “Why do you think so?”

Bee 2: “Look at the stall; all food items are covered with the net. What do we do now?”

Bee 1: “I have an idea!!! We could eat from that child’s plate.”

A child was eating corns with his friends in an open space.

As the child was busy talking to his friends, the bees sat on his plate to taste yummy corns.

The child reached home in the afternoon. He was not feeling well and had nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. His mother took him to the doctor.

Doctor: “He seems to have gastroenteritis.”

Child: “What is gastroenteritis?”

Doctor: “It is an infection in the stomach.”

Child: “How does it happen?”

Doctor: “It happens when… a bee or an insect sits on our food; or somebody prepares food with dirty hands; or we eat food without washing our hands; or we eat rotten fruits and vegetables.”

Child: “How can we prevent gastroenteritis?”

Doctor: “We should always… eat healthy and fresh food; eat in a clean and hygienic place; use cleaned utensils; wash our hands before eating; prevent bees and insects from sitting on our food.”

Child: “Thanks Doctor. I have learnt my lesson. I got the gastroenteritis through bees sitting on my corns. I will now always follow your guidance and will adopt healthy habits.”

Doctor advised the child to take rest for a couple of days and start going to school on the coming Monday.

On Monday, the class teacher was teaching about healthy habits. Thee child told her teacher and the class about his illness and doctor’s visit over the weekend. He explained about healthy habits and gastroenteritis to the class and also prepared a chart explaining the points he learnt from the doctor. He and all his classmates promised to follow healthy habits and doctor’s advice to be healthy kids.

His class become famous for maintaining healthy eating habits and was awarded the healthy class award for the year 2013.

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