Horror Strikes Ohio Ave.
Horacio, Age 11, USA

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The smell of gun powder was left in the air and the criminals ran off and one had a white shirt, dreadlocks, and Nike sneakers, and the other a black shirt, long black hair, and he probably had Converse and as they ran away they had nasty grins on their faces.

That was one of the worst days of my life because my street was usually calm and tranquil until that horrible day happened.

It all started off as a wonderful afternoon and we had finished eating our supper. Chirping birds filled the baby blue sky as I played with my baby cousin. Then it was time for his nap, and every time he would try to wake up, I’d rock him and rock him back to sleep. He never had a chance to open his eyes and cry. Then I told my mom to take care of the baby, and I went outside to play. After a few minutes, I went to play in the front yard.

Then the horror happened. Boom, boom, boom—the gun powder filled the air. While they ran, I hid in the bushes, scared and afraid, making sure they couldn’t see me. Then I pounded on the door, saying, “Hurry, let me in,” and as I got in, I looked through the windows, observing how they got away.

At that time my mom and aunt came out asking what had happened. They thought they were only fire crackers. Very loud and scary fire crackers, I thought sarcastically in my head. Then came the cops asking neighbors what had happen and how. I saw other policemen putting the yellow tape around the scene and I saw they were bringing a blue blanket, which meant to me and everybody else that someone had passed away. After a few hours, they had their evidence and left.

I’ll never forget that day.  

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