House on Rumrill Street
Samantha, Age 11, USA

One hot and humid summer morning, while looking out my bedroom window, I noticed several Chihuahuas with leashes around their collars chasing small children from my neighborhood. These dogs had somehow escaped from their owners during a neighborhood stroll. Moments later, my mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs, “Samantha, your friend, Karla, is here.” I had a hunch that today was going to be a wild and crazy day with my best friend, Karla.

Karla is eleven years old. Her hair is black, and she usually wears her hair in a bun. Her eyes are shaped like hazelnuts. She wore light blue shorts, a pretty light pink shirt with glittery stars, and black Converse. As she walked into my room, her eyes seemed to be saying, “Let’s play the game Just Dance 3.” Karla and I walked into my older brother’s room and asked him if he wanted to play with us.

“Not now. Maybe later,” he said.

Karla and I played until my mom and my three cousins got home. Once they got to my house, things became crazy. There was a lot of noise loud shouting, dogs barking, and screams. Since it was a hot and humid day, we poured ourselves a nice tall glass of cold water with ice. I had a feeling that we were going to make a mess and I would have to clean it all up.

My older cousin, Leslie, is fourteen years old. She has brown hair which was curly that day, and she has brown eyes like Dora the Explorer’s eyes. She was wearing a pretty jacket that was neon pink, skinny jeans that were black, and neon pink Converse. Her eyes seemed to be saying, “Let’s go outside.”

When my cousin and I were outside, we saw my next door neighbors walking five French Poodles. These French Poodles stopped in front of us and did tricks for us, as well as simply jumping for joy. I heard the kids playing outside of my house yelling in the hot and humid day. I had a feeling my cousin was going to go in my house when the little French Poodles were going to be right in front of us.

My sixteen year old neighbor that lives downstairs knocked on our door. Her hair was black and styled in a ponytail that day. Her eyes are brown like a chocolate candy. She was wearing black jeans and a law academy sweater with black Nike shoes. Her eyes seemed to be saying, “I’m sorry that my dogs have been bothering you.”

Later my mom called me in to eat. I went inside to join my family.
I asked my mom, “How can nine people sit at a table that is meant for four people to sit?”

“You and your cousins can sit outside on the stairs, couch, or on the balcony” my mom told me.

I said, “OK, Mom.”

My cousin and I went to eat outside on the stairs. Once we finished eating, we played soccer with the kids that were outside of my neighborhood. I know this is a crazy neighborhood, but I love it. 

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