Lost in the Jungle
Sophie, Age 10, Calgary, AB

It was a bright day; the sun streamed through the window. But every day was the same for Abby. Wake up at six o’clock, get dressed and eat breakfast, go to bakery, work till seven o’clock at night, and finally go to bed at eight o’clock. Of course, since she was only five, she got weekends off. On a Saturday, Abby went for a walk in the jungle. She went deeper and deeper; then she turned around. The path was gone.

It was a decision she had made month ago. She had been preparing ever since. Tonight was the night. She was running away. She had been running through the forest when she heard a screech. She galloped to a small clearing where a small girl was crying.

Abby was terrified. She sobbed and screamed. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the girl. “What’s your name?” Abby asked.

“Talia. Are you lost?”


“O.K. I’ll help you. There’s a town over that hill and down the river! I think.”

“Let’s go!!” Abby screamed, smiling and bounding off. Talia started running after her. They raced up the riverbank until they came to a bridge. On the other side was a small town. There were houses creating a circle around a vegetable garden. There were a few shops on the outside of the circle. People stopped and stared as they walked across the bridge.

It had been a month. Now Abby and Talia had a home and friends. Now they always felt happy.

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