Rahil, Age 9, Calgary, AB


“Steve, creeper behind you! Duck!”

“Thanks for the warning, Jojo.”

Jojo suggested that they start to get the helicopter and their weapons for the night. Chhchhchh, they dug themselves in for the night.

“We will dig ourselves out in the morning and then fly out,” Jojo exclaimed. “The creepers won’t find us here.

Steve whispered to Jojo, “I’ll keep watch in case the creepers saw us.”

One hour later the creepers had breached. “They must have seen us trying to refill the hole.”

Steve and Jojo started to battle for their country and life and death. Jojo grabbed the bows and Steve grabbed his sword, flint for blowing up the creepers with TNT.

“The creepers will blow the place.” Steve started to dig a tunnel. “I will hold the creepers off.”

Steve went to grab the shovel. Just after the hole was dug, the creepers started moving in on them. So Jojo ran as fast as possible trying to hold the creepers off and find the hole. Then they started to burn the creepers. Jojo said, “That is enough creepers for a night.”

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