My Next Door Neighbor
Rosie, Age 12, USA

It was a beautiful and peaceful New Year’s Eve night with Christmas lights sparkling on houses like glittering stars. Freezing temperatures created the opportunity to continue our tradition of opening a midnight bottle of apple cider to bring in a new year. This was a wonderful environment for me. Calm neighborhood and a compassionate family.

My brother, Ivan, is thirteen years old. He has coconut skin, his eyes are as dark as ink, and he is as tall as a giraffe with a Mohawk haircut. He usually wears a navy blue cardigan with light blue skinny jeans. On this New Year’s Eve, his eyes seemed to be saying, “It’s only thirty more minutes until the New Year!”

Moments after my brother said this, everything seemed to turn upside down. One of my neighbors began to shoot bullets up in the sky.

Everybody began to panic. Like a baby crying for her mom, people began to cry for their lives. Mothers searched for their children, while everybody else desperately ran towards their homes to avoid getting hit by falling bullets. Everybody tried to get home safely.

I felt miserable because this was not the right way to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

My next door neighbor, Junior, was the person who shot his gun up into the sky. He’s a chubby eighteen-year-old Latino that’s 6’1” with bad boy looks. His arms were full of violent tattoos and ashy skin. His heavily gelled hair slicked backwards towards his neck. His eyes were as green as a juicy pear. His eyes seem to be saying, “BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I want to ruin everybody’s New Year’s Eve, just like everybody has ruined my life!”

As people scrambled to get home safely, Junior kept shooting his gun up into the sky. Policemen swarmed around to capture him because he was getting out of control. Police helicopters flew nearby. It seemed that loud sirens were all over the place.

Mr. Henderson, the Latino policeman who eventually captured Junior, looked like a new and improved “Superman.” Or should I say he’s another Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? He’s 6’7” in height with massive biceps. His has light brown skin, a wavy sea of hair on his head, and coconut brown eyes. He wore his navy blue police uniform with his belt that had several things on it. His eyes seem to be saying, “It’s all good. Everybody can go back to celebrate New Year’s Eve.”

So my neighborhood became calm again, especially since Junior left to go to jail. Since that moment the only shooting we’ve heard on New Year’s Eve has been from fireworks, which is quite normal.    

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