The Old Man Mystery
Guisel, Age 11, USA

It was a peaceful hot summer afternoon on 14th Street. Blue birds, hummingbirds, and hawks flew across the ocean blue sky while German Shepherds chased one another. I could hear birds chirping from their nests. Although it was a super-hot day, I was happy to be at Cathy’s house. We watched movies on Netflix while sipping sweet cold lemonade.

Suddenly, we heard an old man screaming “Big Buddy Boots” from Cathy’s backyard. He was a tall man wearing a black suit and tie. His eyes were hazel brown and his hair was gray. His eyes seemed to be saying, “Where is my hideous cat?” The mystery man was trying to retrieve his hideous looking Norwegian forest cat. As we peeked out of the upstairs window, we noticed that he called for his cat for a few moments and left without finding his cat.

Cathy and I eventually went to my house to get my bike because we wanted to go to the park. Cathy is a blond haired girl who likes to wear pink shirts with Levi jeans. On this day I wore a purple shirt with teal jeans. I have straight black long hair that can only be managed if it’s tied up in a ponytail.

As we were riding our bikes to the park we saw the mystery man sitting on his porch. We could see that he had huge storage bins in his backyard. We wanted to know what was in his storage in his backyard. So we rode our bikes until we saw him leave his house. He acted secretive every time he opened them, and he always had a suspicious face. Therefore, we wanted to know what is in there. We climbed over the fence, and went around the cars he parked in his backyard. His storage in his backyard was locked and in order to get in we needed a key. We had to get all of our keys and go back to try to open it. We had to try all of them, and none of them worked, but we tried twist and turn, but it wouldn’t open.

“We have been robbed” my mom yelled. My brother, my two sisters and I were at the old man’s house, and I had to go back because my mom yelled. When I saw that my bike was missing, and my brother’s fish hook and my niece’s little bike were missing, I knew that we did get robbed.

Cathy and I said maybe it was the old man. She said that maybe that is what he is hiding in his storage. We saw him once again and he was holding the key in his hand, but he was still trying to find his ugly hairy cat. We thought if he saw the cat, he would drop the key and go after the cat. We went to look for the cat. “Look,” my friend said with a smile. We saw the cat, and got it. He did not bite me. We took the cat to the man and Cathy asked, “Can we see what is in the storage in your back yard?”

“No, you cannot go in there,” he replied.

‘Why not?” Cathy asked.

“It is private and you don’t have to look in there,” said the old man.

We got the key out of his hand and ran to his backyard. We wanted to go in there because we thought he was the one who took all of our stuff. We went in there and saw all of our stuff. My friend Cathy stayed there with the old man. I went to his backyard and opened his storage and saw all of our stuff. I went to tell my family that the old man had stolen all of our stuff. We went and my mom took all of our stuff and I was talking to the old man.

“Why did you take all of our stuff?” I asked.

“Because I have no one to talk to or to be with and I get lonely,” he replied

“I told him that he would be better if he did not take any of our stuff and he has his cat to be with him.”

We didn’t press any charges on him and didn’t call the police because we understood what he went through. He thanked us and was happy he got his cat and said sorry and went inside.

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