My Palace on Willard Street
Marcos, Age 11, USA

I live on the cool, loving street called ďWillardĒ. I live in Richmond with my mom and my sister. Where I live it is not too safe and itís not bad. Where I live there are hardly any gunshots. Sometimes it is really scary at night time because last time they tried to steal a truck in front of my house, but they heard dogs barking and sirens and they began to run away. You would like to live where I live! I like to live there because my house is really big. My houseís color is peach and the garage is small but the yard is big. The time of year I started living there was summer. The first house I started off with was a two-room house. Then my second house was a three-room house. Then I upgraded to a four-room house!!!! When my mom told me that, I was so excited. That is the house I live in now, and no we do not rent it; we own it.

My house has a lot of windows. The one I mostly stare out of is the window in the upstairs room. I like to stare out that window because you can see a big huge view; you can see the freeway and the Richmond Chevron refinery. Then from the third room upstairs you can see every houseís backyard, big houses far away, and more stuff. From the second room you canít really see anything because it is in the middle of the house. The fourth room is downstairs; that is the master bedroom. As with the second room, you canít see anything from the fourth room. There are a lot of stores nearby, but I wouldnít want to walk there. One of the stores is named Sunset Market and the other one is called El Porvenir. Those two stores almost sell everything the other one has. There are a lot of factories around my house.

In my backyard, I have two dogs. One is a boy and one is a girl. The boyís name is Max; he is an original Doberman. He is black and brown, and he is two years old in human years. My sisterís dog is a girl named Precious. She is a poodle; she is white and she is two years old too. They live in a wood house we made for them. Their house color is peach too and their house is big enough for both of them.

In my front yard I have an abundance of flowers. I have pink, red, and yellow. I have little plants that are red, blue, yellow, purple, and orange. In front of my house there are plants, roses, grass and daisies. The grass in front of my house is really green because we put a great amount of water on it and, in case you were wondering, it is not fake; it is real and it feels good when you lie down on it. I have a garage that is only for one car, but the house has a garage and a driveway for two cars to fit.

Inside my house there are two kitchens and one huge living room and three medium rooms and one master room with a walk in closet. My house is like a palace to me because itís really huge. 

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