Presents Gone Missing on Pine Street
Sandi, Age 12, USA

"Yippee! I got a new IPhone 5s! Thanks, Mom! This is the best present ever!"

On that lovely Christmas morning I received the present I really wanted to get. But it wasn’t the only joy I received that morning. My house was full of love that day. Of all the houses on Pine Street that morning, it was my house that contained the most smiles and laughter. It seemed that everybody who walked by my house that morning could feel the happiness oozing out of it because everybody inside was having a fabulous time. Dogs chasing each other around the house. Small cousins playing with their shiny toy cars and beautiful big grinning Barbie dolls, while other family and friends reminisced about Christmas mornings from the past. No doubt everybody was having a great time.

Everybody except Nyla.

When I found Nyla sitting underneath the Christmas tree that morning, she was crying. Her wet eyes seemed to be saying, "Nobody loves me!" She crawled around the floor for a moment, and looked up at me. She was very surprised and happy.

"Where’s my present?"

Nyla is a small four-year-old girl who is as skinny as a tooth pick. Her hair is light brown like a potato skin, and it feels like French Fries. Her eyes are light brown like brown olive oil. She was wearing a vivid wrinkled lovely dress. Nyla said, "Where is my present?" She was looking for her present, and everyone else was opening theirs. I could hear Nyla weep for her present. It was very cold like a blizzard for me. I had a feeling that Nyla would be sad for Christmas this year. All because she couldn’t find her present!

I felt very sorry for Nyla since she couldn’t find her present. Everyone stared to look for it. I suddenly found it behind the tree. Nyla was scared when she couldn’t find her present but now she was as happy as a person on their birthday. Nyla was desperate to find her present, so she was sad. So, my family and friends started to help me search for Nyla’s present.

Ethan is a six-year-old boy; he’s skinny like his sister Nyla. His hair is dark brown like mud. His skin is light brown like the color of curly fries. His eyes are light brown like his sister’s eyes. He was wearing dark blue thin jeans, and his shirt was sky blue. His eyes seemed to be saying, "I love Christmas and my presents!" I saw Ethan looking very happy about the present that I gave him. I heard him scream loudly because he liked all his presents. I had a feeling that everyone would have the best Christmas ever and have fun.

Annisa is an eight-year-old girl; she’s tall, and she’s skinny as a thin paper. Her hair is dark blonde; her skin is like potato skin, like her two cousins, Nyla and Ethan. Her eyes are light brown, like a brown anole. She was wearing sky blue jeans and a sparkly pink shirt. Her eyes seemed to be saying, "Christmas is the best day ever!" At the end we found Nyla’s present behind the tree, so now everyone was happy about getting their presents and having fun with our family and friends. Everyone was so happy about seeing each other. When I found Nyla’s present behind the tree, Nyla said, "You found my present! Thank you, Sandi!" Then I said, "You’re welcome." Before that I stopped everybody to look for Nyla’s present. At last she was amazed that I found her present.    

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