Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue: A Greek Myth
Lauren, Age 12, Noblesville, IN

Do you ever wonder where violets come from? Do they just magically grow out of the ground? If you answered yes, then you are wrong. It all started 100 years ago, when violets were white.

"Gale, come on! Look at the dark sky. It's about to rain! Letís go inside. I'll start dinner," Violet told her brother, Gale. Violet and Gale were only fourteen. They lived alone in a small hut. They did everything together. They never left each other's side, until one day.

"Did you have a good day?" Violet asked Gale.

"Yes," Gale answered. "I got a lot done today."

"Good," Violet replied.

"Do you know why the sky is so dark today?" Gale asked Violet.

"Oh, it's probably just another storm. The yard was getting rather dry," Violet answered. They both knew it wasn't just a storm. The God of War was to come down tonight and force all of the fourteen-year-old boys to fight in the war. After eating, Gale hugged Violet rather tightly, and they went off to bed.

The next morning, Gale was gone. Violet was devastated. She was all alone. She really had nobody except for Gale. She realized that she wouldn't see him for another three years, and he might not even return. She picked a white flower, in his honor, and cried. The tears slid off of her delicate face and onto the flower, turning it blue.

Three years later, Gale did not return. She cried and cried. All of her tears landed on the flowers and she placed them on Gale's grave. She did this until the day she died. The flowers were so pretty, she became a goddess. She still places violets everywhere, in Gale's honor.

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