The Safe Safety Pin
Sharon, Age 10, Staten Island, NY

In the Lewiston School there was a classroom: Class 1-7. That class was taught by a nice teacher named Mrs. Stella. In that class there was a desk. And in that desk there was a drawer. And in that drawer there was...a Safety Pin...a Stapler...a Red Eraser...a Pencil and a Pencil Sharpener. And some time long ago there was a pencil grip. There was one place that all the supplies feared. All the way on the floor there was...the Garbage. The Pencil Grip was not careful and he fell off the edge. It was said that if you fall in you will never get out. That is why the Safety Pin stayed inside the drawer and never came out. He was called the Safe Safety Pin.

When the night came and all the teachers left, the supplies came out of the drawer to talk and share laughs. The Safety Pin stayed inside the drawer to be safe. First came Stapler saying, “All clear.” Next came Eraser saying, “I don’t remember this. They really better stop rubbing my head off.” Then came stubby Pencil saying, “People always say, ‘Oh, look how fast you are growing.’ Well in my case they should say, ‘Oh, look how fast you are shrinking.’” Then came Red Pen and Sharpener. The Safety Pin always heard their laughter and he wanted to join, but he was too scared to fall off. Then one day Eraser fell off. They returned to the drawer in a hurry so no one else had the chance to fall off. The next night, Red Pen tried to save the lost Eraser. Pen drew himself a ladder and tried to climb but he had no arms to lower himself, so he fell and was now also considered lost. Next tried Pencil. He drew himself a rope and tried but he also couldn't hang on. Next the brave Stapler tried to rescue Eraser. Stapler lowered himself down by stapling himself to the side of the desk. All the supplies waited and waited for the Stapler to come back. Soon they figured that Stapler was lost too. But as soon as they turned to leave, they heard a sound. It was Stapler! He was carrying Eraser, Pencil, Pen, and even the lost Grip. All the supplies cheered and went back to the drawer. Pen walked up to the Safety Pin and said, “See, it is safe as long as Stapler is here.” The next night all the supplies had a party, that is, except for Safety Pin. He stayed inside the drawer as lonely as ever. That night Stapler fell off the edge. His cap chipped and he wasn't able to staple himself onto the side of the desk to come up. All the supplies waited, but when they saw that he wasn't coming back, they hurried back to the drawer for safety. Safety Pin walked up to Pen and said, “See, it isn't safe out there and what are you going to do now that Stapler isn't here?” The Pen replied, “Stapler was a hero. He saved many of us from the doom of the Garbage. He is lost but at least he lived a life and didn't live in a drawer all his life.” When everyone went to sleep that night, Safety Pin was so sad that he hit his head against the wall all night. When he stopped, he saw that he made a dent in his head. Now the teacher will definitely throw me out, thought Pin.
The next day was spring. This also meant Spring Cleaning. Mrs. Stella took everything out of her desk. She immediately threw out stubby Pencil and the little Eraser. Then at the back of the desk she spotted the Pin. When she saw the dent she threw him out. There he saw Pencil, Eraser, and Stapler. When the Garbage was full, Mrs. Stella took out the bag and tossed it out on the street where the Garbage Man could pick it up. The next night the remaining supplies stayed in fear that the same might happen to them.

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