Seevee and Goople: Rescue Dogs
Noah, Age 5, New Milford, CT

Once upon a time, Seevee, a pig, and Goople, a sheep, heard the dog rescue alarm going off. The alarm went off every time a dog needed to be rescued on the beach. Their job was to rescue dogs because they loved them. Seevee and Goople got in their plane, turned on the siren, and then flew to the beach. The dog had been dumped in the water at the beach. He was very hungry and needed a home. Seevee and Goople came to the rescue! After they rescued the dog from the water, they noticed four other dogs on the beach that needed to be rescued. The dogs were so hungry that they were all asleep. Seevee and Goople snuggled them all in blankets and flew them to the sanctuary in their plane. The dogs were finally free.

The rescued dogs loved the sanctuary! Dog, Cat, and Philber the Dalmatian were there to greet them. They had lots of food already prepared for the dogs. The dogs will always have food to eat forever. Even though the dogs had had a tough life, they still remembered how to play. Dog, Cat, and Philber taught them new things, like how to swing on a tire swing and how to play ball. Most importantly, they taught them how to trust and be happy. They had never been happy before, so they were still really nervous. But, it was great to be loved.

The next day, the rescue alarm went off again! Five more dogs needed to be rescued! Seevee and Goople rescued the dogs and flew them back to the sanctuary. The first group of rescue dogs helped the new dogs settle in. All ten dogs got adopted and were very happy.

It was very hard to work at the sanctuary filled with rescued dogs. Seevee and Goople were always doing at least eight things at a time! It was hard to see the hurt dogs at the beach. Seevee and Goople loved a lot and had big hearts. They never gave up or stopped loving. They fought for the dogs and the dogs loved them for it. The dogs will always remember Seevee, Goople, Dog, Cat, and Philber. The rescuers are heroes and will never lose their sparkle because they are so full of love.

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