Stop Cutting down Trees
Faizaan, Age 9, Bishkek, Kyrgzstan

There are many problems people have to face all over the world. One of the problems in the world is that people cut down most of the trees. Cutting down trees can cause many problems. I have some great reasons why we shouldn't cut down trees. In a few minutes you will have your answer. There are three main reasons from my point of view.

At this time you will know one reason why we should stop cutting down trees. One of the problems is that people can lose their lives. If there is no oxygen people can lose their lives. They can lose their lives because they need oxygen and there is no oxygen. The trees afford us oxygen, but if there are no trees then there is a lack of oxygen. Thatí why then some people cannot live for a very long time.

Now you will know another reason why we should not cut down trees. Also if there is not enough food and fruit to eat, people will starve. If we starve for a long time, it will be hard for us to live. Then there will be many health problems with people. After that a lot of people can die, including particularly kids.

Another reason is that people will lose all of their education that they have received. Everyone knows that paper is made from tree trunks. If there are no trees then there are no tree trunks. Then there will be no papers and we cannot practice are previous education that well. We will have limited sources to learn and it would make it hard for us to study.

Probably now you have some idea why we should not cut down trees. Keep thinking about it! Stop cutting down trees! If you have more ideas about it then you can also start writing an essay like this one. Stay aware of people cutting down trees and tell them to not cut down trees.

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