My E Street House
Jelvin, Age 11, USA

It was the summer of 2013. I could see my mom and dad talking about moving into a new house. I could also see my brothers and sisters being noisy and looking under the door. I could hear my brothers and sisters saying that we are going to move to a new house. I could smell my mom making some breakfast for us. My brothers, sisters, and I were so excited that we were moving to a new house.

My friend is a boy. He is thirteen years old; he is tall and he is kind of chubby. He has black hair, his skin is kind of peach coloured, and his eyes are brown. He had a black shirt and blue jeans when we were moving to the new house. His eyes seemed to be saying that he would miss us, and I told him to visit us and that we would come to visit them to

I could see my parents looking for the house and going around the block. I could also see my brothers and sisters packing up their own clothes. I could hear my brother talking to my mom about whether they found the house, and my mom said, “Yeah, it was a big house.” It was so hot, as if we were burning, so I decided to put on some shorts. I was happy because now that we had a big yard I could play soccer and football.

My mom is thirty years old and she is kind of tall and kind of chubby. She has black hair and peach skin and brown eyes. She was wearing a pink shirt and white jeans. Her eyes seemed to be saying that her kids were going to like this house because it had a big field to play soccer and football.

I could see my sister and brothers getting excited because they were looking around the house. They first went to the rooms, then to the living room, then to the yard. Another thing I could see was my parents getting happy because we were excited about the house. I could hear my baby sister and baby brother playing together with their toys in the living room. I could taste the chicken that my mom was making for dinner. We were all excited because we had a big house.

My dad is thirty-three years old; he is chubby. He has black hair, his skin is white, and his eyes are brown. He was wearing a red shirt with some gray shorts. His eyes seemed to be saying that my family was going to be happy because we moved to a new house.

Whenever your parents buy you something, always thank them. If you don’t thank them, then probably they are not going to buy you what you want. If you ever get a chance to thank your parents, then do it, because you don’t know if something might happen to them. So always thank them for what they do for you.  

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