Video Games
Sebastian, Age 10, Calgary, AB

!Zap! !Pow! I like to kick some butts, hollered Michael as he played his favorite game called MEGA SWORDS. The game he really wants in the world is called Minecraft. And he wants it so bad but its $3,000,000,000 in iTunes money, and he only has a dollar in iTunes money. Then he had to go grab his dog and take her for a walk. When they got to the dog park, Michael let Mega Paw free. Michael went to chitchat his friend named Sid the Science Kid. Michael exclaimed with excitement that the day after today (tomorrow) was his b-day and that Sid was going to come and they were having a big party and that they needed help setting up. So the next day Sid came over to help set up the house, but when they were all done all the guests called in sick so they took all the supplies down and then Sid went upstairs to download Mine-Craft on his computer as a special b-day present, so when Michael went to go play MEGA SWORDS there in front of him was Mine-Craft. It was the most exciting thing of his life. Then when he went to play it, the whole computer shut down and broke! Michael got so angry that he tossed his computer down the stairs. Then he went to buy a new one. The next day he was playing MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!

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