Here We Go Again!
Brenda, Age 12, USA

It was an early windy winter Wednesday morning when my sister Nallely, my niece Aubrey, my dad and I awoke to blaring police car sirens in my neighborhood. At first, we thought the cops were heading toward our house because the sirens became really loud, but after a few seconds they began to fade away. This was not unexpected. We see plenty of police activity in my neighborhood, whether it’s police officers chasing criminals or tasing suspects resisting arrest. We are used to this happening. However, this was no ordinary week.

A few hours later, we heard sirens again. This time we went outside to see what was going on. We found out that a silver hatchback car was zooming through our neighborhood like a pesky fly at a barbecue. At least three cops persisted in rushing after that car. The car was going really fast; all I saw was a big silver blur and I didn’t get to see what type of car it was. Eventually at a corner the driver crashed into a stop sign against the sidewalk. The tires in the front were flat because the police had shot them.

Once the car was down, the robber ran off. After that the police officers caught him and from then on we didn’t know what happened to him. Since that happened, we thought that nothing was going to happen after that. The next thing you know was that an hour or two later, we heard more sirens again. We went outside again and saw two fire trucks, three cop cars, and one ambulance zooming down the street.

At a far distance, we saw black smoke going up into the atmosphere. “Here we go again,” I mumbled to myself.

My sister over heard me and I said, “I mean, don’t you remember last week the same thing happened.”


After our conversation ended we went back into the house.

*An hour later we heard sirens again*


“They can but obviously they don’t want to,” my dad replied.

It was about 9:30 p.m. when we heard the sirens AGAIN, but this time they were getting closer and closer by the second. Once we realized they were right next door to us, they knocked at our neighbors’ door and they opened the door. The police officers started to ask the neighbors a lot of questions. A few moments after the police officers started to ask questions, a man started to run out of the neighbors’ house like crazy. The police started to rush after him. He didn’t get very far though. We didn’t really get to see what the man was wearing or what his face looked like because of the police car lights were very bright.

Once the police caught him, he was trying to resist the handcuffs, and after they arrested him two more guys ran out of the neighbors’ house. One ran right into a police officer and fell, which made the police officer’s job easier. The other man ran very fast but so did the police officer. When the police officer caught up to the man, the man threw a punch at him. The police officer took out his taser and shocked the man. The man fell to the ground and after a while he got back up and the police arrested him.

Once the police arrested all the criminals, they left. We were so confused that we decided to watch an action movie before going to bed. After the movie was finished, we all said goodnight and went right to sleep. When we woke up, we heard more sirens, and we all said, “Here we go again.”

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