The White and Blue House on Sanford
Angela, Age 11, USA

It is in the middle of the afternoon and the season is winter. Dogs loose in the streets and birds flying. The dogs barking at cats. Neighbors coming out of their houses. Neighbors waving at you and saying, Hi, how was school?

Im eleven years old girl, and Im tall. My hair color is black and my eye color is brown. Im wearing gray pants and a white long sleeve shirt. My eye color is brown and my hair color is black. There is a problem in my street: Its around 9 or 10 pm and we can hear gunshots at night.

You can see the smoke from the gun and a person running away. You can hear a person screaming in pain. The temperature is really cold at night. I feel so scared because you wont know who it is, a family member or a neighbor.

That person is a male. He is around his thirty; he is tall and skinny. His hair color is blonde, his eye color is blue, and his skin color is pale. He is wearing a black shirt and black pants. His eyes seem to be saying, Ill be back tomorrow.

You can see two neighbors outside protecting our neighborhood. You can hear them talking to each other. You can smell the food they are eating. Now I feel safe because of them.

Those men are in their twenties; they are tall and skinny. Their hair color is black and eye color is brown. There are wearing pajamas. Their eyes seem to be saying, Neighbors, you guys are being protected.

The man still comes at night to shoot at night. The police come to see if he still is there to arrest him.

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