My Best Summer Vacation
Miguel, Age 12, San Pablo, CA

One of the most exciting days of my summer vacation was when I went to the boardwalk. I went to the boardwalk with all of my family and some friends, but I didn't spend much time with my family. My mom was like an angry bull because I was with my friends most of the time, although my mom was mad she was still having a good time.

When we were there it was really amiable when we were at the rides, but my mom was really irate. We went there during the middle of the summer. Boardwalk is located in Santa Cruz. We drove there in a black van with all my family and friends. We did many things over there. One of the best things we did was playing in the beach with my family and friends, but when we were there my brother fell and he was like a hungry gorilla, yet he was still having a good time. When my brother fell, he said, “I saw a really big fish.” We got really scared. We were looking for the big fish. It turns out that it was a salmon.

After that we went to the arcade and my mom was like a cheetah because she loves playing games there. We were there for a while. While my mom was playing, I was playing a drumming solo game, and I played there for quite a while. After the arcade we went to go eat pizza and it was really good and I loved it.

When we were going home, our wheel was flat and we were on the freeway and we had to sleep in a hotel for two nights. We were supposed to sleep there for one night, but my mom (the driver) got sick. And that is why we slept there for two nights.

After all of that, we went home because it was my brother’s birthday. My mom said I couldn’t eat cake on account of my not spending time with my family, although she did let me eat candy from the pass out bags. My mom made me make milk the cow to make the cake.

We played in the jumper and I sent my brother flying in the jumper. After that we ate tacos with a lot of hot sauce. My mom always said, “Stop eating a lot of sauce.” I always said, “Aww, come on.” After that we cut the cake, but I didn't get some, and it was ice cream cake too! I wasn't happy. I was more like an angry lion, but at the same time I like a really happy dog when you pet him because it was my brother’s birthday. I was still having a nice time with my family. After that my mom let me sleep at whatever time we wanted. And that was the funnest day of my summer vacation.

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