My First Soccer Game with the Cobras
Miguel, Age 12, San Pablo, CA

It was one early summer morning at the park. I saw people warming up and kids playing a friendly soccer game match. I could hear the crowd screaming. I could smell the fresh grass. I thought that we would win the game. Many people were excited to see the game.

There was a kid that was about twelve years old. He was skinny. His hair color was yellow, and he was white. His eyes were colored green. He looked like he was a good soccer player. He was wearing green shorts and a white shirt. His eyes seemed to be saying, “Your team sucks.” When the game had just started, they made a goal on us.
The kids that were in the bench were warming up already. Our whole team was tired and covered with sweat. I could hear the crowd saying, “Let’s go, Cobras“. It was really hot that day. I felt that we were going to catch up with them. After the first goal that they made, we made two goals on them really quickly.

After the first half, it started to get really hot. Then the second half started and the coach put a new kid in the field. His name was “Braulio.” He is a male, and his age was twelve years old. He was really skinny. He had black eyes. His eyes seemed to be saying, “I'm the best.”

Then we made a play called “50.” That’s how we scored another goal on them. I could see the other team getting really angry. They wanted to score on us. I could hear them saying, “Let’s go, traviesos.” I smelled the sweat, and I thought that they were going to catch up.

After ten minutes, the score was 3-1. We were winning. They were making good plays and good shots. This kid named “Omar” from the other team made a golazo from half field. Our coach was really nervous. They shot the ball again and hit the post and got out of the field.

My goalie passed the ball to me, and I passed it back. He saw this kid open and try to pass it to him. He shot the ball to the kid. The other team took the ball away from him. An opposing player took it all the way and shot it and he made the goal. The score was 3-3.

We started the ball because they had scored a goal on us. They quickly passed the ball to me because I was open. I took it from the side and shot it in the side. I made a goal!! I screamed aloud. The game was over. We won.

The coach said to my teammates, “Did you guys liked how Miguel played today?”

They said, “Yes.”

The coach replied, “You guys want him to join the team?”

They said, “Yes!“ 

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