A Dog's Life
Sharon, Age 10, Staten Island, NY

I was born on August 12, 2001. A couple days later, I could see, hear, and stand. My mother fed me milk and I was perfectly happy. I had no brother or sister that I knew of, but I was still happy. Then one day some guy came and took me and I was separated from my mother. I was shoved in a cage and a ton of people came and peeked and I got a lot of these:

“Oh, you are sooooo cuuuuute. Mom, can we get him?”

“No, honey, we can’t. We already have a pet.”

“But, Mom, he is so cute!”

“I am sorry, honey, but we can’t.”

“Awww, but he is cute! Bye, hopefully I’ll see you later, cutie!”

Then somewhere in November, a young woman came in with her friend. I knew when she looked into my cage that she was special. She was the one I needed. She was the one I wanted to take me home. She was about twenty, and she had the special twinkle in her eye that not many people possess. She peered at me and asked the store worker if she could play with me. I was so excited! After she played with me for a little while, I could tell that she couldn’t let go. She took me home and I was 1000 miles past overjoyed! On the way to my new home, the woman and her friend kept shooting different names at me. Finally, they said “Charlie,” and that name fit me best. I loved it and that became my new name. Before that woman came, I went by “boy,” “puppy,” and “cocker spaniel,” which in case you didn’t know is my breed. We arrived at my new home and I learned that my new owner’s names were Lev and Ella. They got me food and a bed and a leash and toys. I was so excited! I was so excited that I ran around the house peeing and pooping all over the place. I was calling dibs and marking my territory.

When night came, I realized that I missed my buddies at the store. I cried and cried for them, but they never came. Every night I cried and nothing happened. Then one day Ella and Lev put me in the car. Oh, how I hate car rides. They brought me to this place where this unknown man started checking me out. He gave a lot of shots in my behind and he cleaned out my ears. I cried, but it did absolutely nothing. Then they put me back into the car and drove me home, home sweet home. But little did I know that the home wasn’t so sweet! They put me into a tub and poured water all over me. I disliked it so much that I cried, but again it did nothing. After that, they put me in a piece of cloth and started shaking it. I was so confused that I forgot to whine. Then they put me in the car again! Two car rides in the same day, maybe not what I expected of this family. Oh, but they brought me to a doggy park. Now I had to forgive them. This was my favorite place next to home in the Bronx. I had a good time playing with this dog named Bart. We chased each other and played ball. I had an awesome time there. Life after that was pretty much the same for a while. I ate. I slept. I went for walks, although I was terrified of these moving objects. They made an awful lot of noise. Ella called these things cars and motorcycles. I thought I knew what a car was, but I guess I didn’t know how fast one actually went! So that was pretty much my life for like the next month.

Then on December 29, 2001, a big car came and took all the things out of the house. Then Ella put me in the car and we drove for a long time, and Ella brought me to a new home. We stayed there for a couple days and I was confused. I wanted the home in Bronx! Then Lev explained that we are staying in this home because we moved and the house in Bronx now belonged to someone else. After that day, we lived at that new house for two years.

On September 20, 2003, we moved again! Now we lived on Avenue L. Life was pretty plain for the about the next month. But then on October 16, 2003, Lev went to work as usual and Ella stayed home. Then around noon Ella got into the car and drove away. Lev came home and walked me and fed me then left again. I was confused; this had never happened before. Then a few days later Ella and Lev came home, but Ella carried a strange chair. I decided to look in and see what was inside. Inside was a little tiny human. It was wrapped in a pink cloth. I was curious, so I sniffed. It smelled weird, like newly bought clothes. Over the next few days, Ella and Lev spend a lot of time with that human. I was upset because the attention was always on me. I was really depressed. I wasn’t the baby of the house anymore, was I? I cried day and night, but nothing happened. All I got was a pat on the head once in a while. But after a while, as the human became older, I learned that it was a girl and her name was Sharon. I began to love her and play with her. Then after a while my right eye sight began to fade. They brought me to Naum and gave me a shot so I fell asleep. My mind slowly went blank and I fell asleep. When I woke up I had a pain in my stomach. They sent me home after that. Then all of a sudden Ella brought home another little human. I was used to it, so I wasn’t as sad.

A little while later we moved again to Staten Island, 500 Greeley Avenue. There I, Sharon, and the new little human, whose name was Alan, played together for the next couple years.

Then in April 2011, at the age of ten, I was sitting in the car and then all of a sudden my mind was going blank. My eyes shut and a white light appeared. I was taken away by something, away from home, from Sharon, Alan, Ella and Lev. But a few moments later, all pain disappeared. I was next to a little green house with a backyard and a pond. None of my owners were there. Then I realized where I was. I was in heaven. I lifted away from my world, my home world. I belonged here now. I even saw Alan’s old fish in the pond. I was still happy and I thank Alan, Sharon, Ella, and Lev for giving me such a good life.

So this is the story of the greatest dog anyone could ever have. And even though he isn’t here, he will always be in our hearts. May Charlie be remembered forever.

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