Dying Light
Kendra, Age 12, Pella, IA
                      Eyes too old and face too young,
Life still playing out unsung.
Tears held back, lashes dam,
Fragile as a newborn lamb.

Slowly she begins to crack,
Just give her a little slack.
One more day, one more life.
Making way through the strife.

Now she tries to stand upright,
Chasing after dying light.
Feels the pain burrow deep,
Hides the hurt, does not weep.

Fix the mask into place,
Make sure that it hides her face.
She takes a breath, let's it out,
Pushes back the nagging doubt.

The pain now grows too great to bear.
No longer does she seem to care.
Darkness has enveloped all
Never has she felt so small

Eyelids slowly flutter shut.
Teardrops fall for each pained cut.
The will to live now fades away;
There's nothing left for her to say.
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