House on Dunn Street
Leo, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was one summer afternoon on Dunn Street. I could hear little kids going to the ice cream truck with dollar bills in their hands. I could see the ice cream man giving fruit bars quickly. I could feel heat like I was MELTING. It was a good day and I felt great. I was wearing a blue shirt with khaki shorts and I had black shoes that looked like black beans. My eyes seemed to be saying kids adore ice cream.
The problem was that I could not find a cool shirt or jeans that matched for this hot weather together with my family in Salinas. But my mom bought me jeans with a matching shirt.

On the way to Salinas we stopped at a gas station because it was a long trip, but when I got there it was a blast because I saw all my momís side of the family. 

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