How to Get Dad to Know Art Is Not Trash
Aisha, Age 7, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Aisha and her mom loved art. They collected tags so one day they could make a beautiful collage. Aisha’s father thought that the beautiful tags were TRASH! Aisha and her mom did not like that.

So one day when her mom was reading, Aisha thought of making a plan of how to get her dad to know that art isn’t trash. So she got a pencil, paper and an eraser and wrote:
PLAN - How to get Dad knowing that art is not trash:

1. Buy a canvas
2. Say: “Dad, paint on the canvas in front of me”
3. When finished, say: “Dad, did you enjoy that?”
4. If he says “Yes,” get him to do more art stuff. If he says “No,” get him to do more art stuff.
5. When he likes art, show him a tag and say: “Do you think this is trash?”
6. If he says “No,” mission complete! If he says “Yes,” I think he’ll never know what art really is. We’ll make something that he’ll love out of those tags.
7. He’ll hopefully, probably say: “Now those tags are not trash! It's Art!”

Aisha tried the plan and it worked!

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