Little Jezebel's Birthday
Horacio, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a sunny summer Sunday in the Walker house. "How old are you?" Mrs. Walker asked little Jezebel.

“Stop, she’s one,” said Mr. Walker for Jezebel, since she was only one and still couldn't say how old she was.

“Who wants cake?” asked Mrs. Walker.

When little Jezebel’s cake arrived, she devoured the cake like a hungry lion who hadn't eaten all day. Then her mommy asked if she could have some, and little Jezebel looked at her as if she were crazy. Then her eyes seemed to be saying, “Who do you think you are? This is my cake, for me and only me.” That vanilla icing mango cake left a very good taste in her mouth. Mrs. Walker, with her smooth silky hair and her tan brown skin and her coffee brown eyes, took Jezebel’s plate, but little did they know that Jezebel knew how to get out of her high chair and to the cake, which she wanted to devour, devour, devour.

When her parents were gone, Jezebel pushed the cake off the dinner table and into the living room. Then she saw Mom’s porcelain china in the cabinet and climb, climb, climb she went. When she was on top of the cabinet, rick rack rickety rock it went, then like a miracle, she got off, and safely too, and the cabinet was safe as well. Then in came the family dog, Rex. Rex was a lovable, gentle dog, but when it came to the safety of the family, he was as vicious as a badger. Then little Jezebel did what she did best, which was climb, climb, climb, and she got onto Rex's back. She went through the street and into the garbage, and then ring ring went Mr. Walker’s phone.


“Yes, this is Ms. Higgleberry. I called wanting to say your daughter is here with me. And she’s on Rex’s back, but he won’t let me touch her, as if he is protecting her. Please come.”

“I’ll be on my way.”

After a great car ride, little Jezebel was tired and sleepy, and when she was in bed, she dreamed about her adventure devouring cake, climbing onto the cabinet, riding on Rex’s back, travelling in the car, and finally getting into bed. Sleep well, Jezebel. 

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