My Nonsense Days of the Week Poem
Joshua, Age 8, UK
                      On Mondays in the morning
I hear a noisy din
The dustmen are a-coming
To empty all the bins

On Tuesdays at the time of lunch
I often wonder why
I know this fact is rather odd
But we always have a pie

On Wednesdays in the afternoon
I think it rather odd
That the car that comes right up our street
Looks rather like a space-pod

On Thursdays at the time of tea
I always think quite hard
Why our neighbours opposite
Always have some lard

On Fridays in the evening
I always find it weird
That our neighbour (next-door)
Has a pet, which is a pigeon, speared

On Saturdays in the morning again
I find it rather queer
That at this time of day
Daddy always drinks some beer

On Sundays at the time of lunch
Yes that time again
Our other next-door neighbour
Collects eggs from their hen

That is my weird and wonderful week
Most, nonetheless, equally weird
The oddest of them all I think
Is the pet pigeon, speared.
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