The Truth about Magic
Grace, Age 11, Edson, AB

A long time ago, when I was just a little boy, I never believed in magic. I'm not lying. I was very realistic, you see, and I always laughed at the children when they mentioned magic. I even brought my little sister, Bonnie, and her dreams of being a magician down. One day she showed me and my parents a magic trick, and told us about her little “dream,” and I told her that magic is not real, so she stopped. (Don't feel too bad, she's now a very good doctor and makes more money than Elvis did.) I did this because I thought magic was NOT real. But it is. And I needed a miracle to tell me that. But what I did not know was that one day that miracle was coming.

Anyway, back then, I adored cats. I always had one at home to play with and pet. But now, I sneeze so much my nose comes off--okay, maybe not, but you get the picture--whenever I get near one. And that day, I had a very big--when I say “very big,” I mean The Great Wall Of China big--test coming up the next day. We were supposed to study until our eyes popped out of our skulls, but if you knew me when I was ten (especially if you were a teacher), you'd know I did not study--EVER.

School was over for that day, and I was walking out the school doors, expecting to see Bonnie waiting for me at the sidewalk, but instead I saw a black cat. Not your ordinary black cat, the special kind. It was not very sunny that day, but its fur shined. It`s blue eyes sparkled. Boy, did I want that cat. "Here, kitty-kitty-kitty," I said. I held out my hand and did a clicking sound with my tongue. "Don`t be afraid." That would usually work for any type of cat I'd come across. But all it did was sit there and stare at me. I got very impatient and confused. I wanted that cat, and I was going to get it no matter what.

The cat suddenly darted at full speed to my right towards the school forest, so fast that all I saw was a black blur. "Hey! Get back here!" I yelled. I zipped into the school forest like a cheetah, ignoring my teacher's warnings of "Don't go in there!" I suddenly tripped, and fell flat on my face on the ground with a big SMACK! Ow. I know. But I did not feel anything--really. I got up and brushed the dirt off my clothes. I looked up and gasped at what I saw. It was beautiful. There was a waterfall, gently splattering water onto big rocks, grass fresh and shiny like a diamond, and flowers with great beauty I cannot describe. I gasped again. Right beside my shaking feet was that cat. It cocked its head and meowed. I just had to tell Bonnie!

I ran out of the forest and found my sister kicking pebbles on the sidewalk. When I told her what happened, she scrunched up her face and said, "Magic is not real." Then we walked home, me thinking about what happened, and Bonnie thinking about how crazy I was. I did not bother to study that night. I just thought about what happened.
The next day, I went to school, guilty I did not study. But when I got the test, the answers just came to me, like I was studying all week. And guess what? I was the only one in my class that got 100%.

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