The Animal Thief
Jessie, Age 9, North Vancouver, BC

Once upon a time there was a bunny that worked on a farm. One day an evil clown came, wrecked the barn, and he stole all animals! Bunny really wanted his animals back, so he decided to go look for them. First, he went to ask his friend Rover to help. Rover agreed, and then they went to find the clown and Bunny’s animals. Before they left, Rover decided to bring some carrots, just in case they got hungry.

After a while of walking, Rover suggested that they should make a plan. Bunny thought it was a great idea. So they sat down in the grass to think. Finally, Bunny said, ‘I’ve got an idea! You can take a stick and chase the clown while I get the animals! You have to be fast, because that clown is fast.”

Then, suddenly, the clown just rushed by holding a bag full of animals. “There he is!” cried Bunny. “Let's go!”

So they ran after the clown as fast as they could. Finally, the clown stopped and went inside a clown world.

“WOW!” whispered Bunny and Rover together, as they walked inside.

“Hey, what are you doing in here? The clown world isn’t open yet.”

‘I want my animals back,” said Bunny.

“Really? I was going to use these animals for a little farm in my clown world,” said the clown. Then, twenty ghost clowns popped out of nowhere!

“Now what are we going to do?”’ asked Rover. “There are too many of them.”

“I know!” said Bunny. “Only one of them is the real one. First we forget about the other plan. We find the real clown by touching them. If it’s one of the ghosts, we try touching another one. If we find the real one, I’ll go behind the clown to get the animals. Then we take the clown to jail.”

“Good idea!” agreed Rover. So they started to touch the clowns.

Finally, Rover said, “I found the real clown!” Then Bunny rushed behind the clown, got the bag of animals, and they lived happily ever after.

                                                       The End

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