My Baseball Game
Trenton, Age 11, Moberly, MO

The season was just starting. It was a warm summer evening. My mom had my uniform ready for me to put on. I couldn’t wait to dress for my game. We had been practicing for what seemed like a long time, and now we were ready for our first game. My dad bought me a new glove and bat. We had spent several evenings playing catch, breaking in my new glove. Dad was so happy that I was playing baseball. My team name is the “Sixers.” He told me stories about when he was my age, how he loved playing. He played for the Knight of Columbus. They won championship every year he played. He said all the other teams hated to play them because they knew they were up against a tough team. Dad said they were lucky to have such great compassionate coaches that gave a lot of their time to the team.

On the drive to the game, Dad said to me, “Remember to keep your eye on the ball and elbows up.”

I just smiled and said, “Ok, Dad.”

Mom said, “If your team wins, we will go out for ice cream after the game.” She knew how much I liked chocolate milk shakes.

When we got to the ballpark, I started getting nervous. I saw my teammates warming up, and I ran to them. Once I started practicing, I felt more relaxed. My coach came up to me and said, “Son, just do your best and we got this game.” I smiled at him as did the other team members.

The umpire blew the whistle and it was time to play. We were up to bat first. I was third batter. First batter went to home plate. He swung and missed the first ball. On the second throw, he hit the ball and ran to first and was safe. The second player came up to bat and he struck out. Now it was my turn. I heard my dad say, “Let’s go, Son, eye on the ball.” The pitcher threw the ball and I swung and missed. The second pitch was a foul ball. On the third pitch, I swung and all I could hear was the crack of the bat. The ball went soaring into right field. The player on first ran to second; I ran as hard as I could and made it safely to first. The next player came up and swung on the first pitch and hit it to left field. We all took off, and we all made it into home. We were up 3 to 0. Our parents were going wild. We were all pumped up.

Then the sky started getting dark and the wind picked up. Rain was moving in and the coaches were watching the sky for lightning. We played three more innings before the rain and lightning started. The score was 3 to 2 with us in the lead by one. We had to stop playing and wait for the storm to blow over. While we were waiting, the coaches talked to us, and even our dads got into the conversation.

The storm passed and it was time to play ball once again. We were really pumped up and wanted to win our first game. My best friend was up to bat next. He swung and missed the first ball. On the third throw, he hit it to second base. He is a fast runner and he made it to first safe. We scored three more runs by the time the eighth inning started. The score was now 6 to 4.

I started off the eighth inning. I hit the ball on the first pitch and made a line drive down left field. I ran as hard as I could, and I made it to second base. The player on the other team missed the catch, which helped save me on second. The next three batters on my team struck out, so I never got to run home. I was starting to get scared and nervous that we might lose this game.

The other team came up to bat and they tied the score up 6 to 6. We finally got them out and it was our turn at bat.

I really wanted to get a homerun and make my dad proud. I kept telling myself I could do this. The bases were loaded and it was my turn. I swung at the first ball and missed. The next ball was a foul ball. On the third pitch, I swung and missed. Everybody was hollering, “You got this! Keep your eye on the ball!” The pitcher released the ball and it was right down the middle. My bat made contact and the ball went flying through the air and to the fence. One run came in, the second run came in, the third run came in, and I just kept running. They threw the ball to home and I slid in. The catcher dropped the ball, and I was called safe! I got my home run and the team was all over me. My dad and mom were jumping up and down. The score was now 10 to 6. Now we just had to hold the other team in the bottom of the ninth.

Their first batter made it to first base. The second batter struck out. The third batter struck out. The fourth batter hit the ball to the first baseman, and he got the runner out and threw it to second, and they tagged him. The game was over! We won by four runs.

What an exciting first game. The coaches were jumping up and down. My teammates were hollering and jumping. Our parents ran out on the field and hugged us all. My dad was beaming from ear to ear. He patted me on the back and said, “Son, great job! I’m so proud of you.”

Mom said, “Let’s go get some ice cream.” My teammates and I with our families headed to Dairy Queen.

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