One Big Family
Noah, Age 13, Furlong, PA

It was my first try. As my body tensed, my legs, thin but strong, pushed down, and I thrust my body into the air, clean, clear, warm and breezy. Quickly, I held my breath and tucked my legs to my stomach. My hands latched together around my legs as I entered the baby blue sky. I tilted my head down and leaned forward. Then, my abs tensed up as I started to spin. After what seemed to be a minute, I saw the net. My legs exploded outward, a firework. I wasn’t sure if I would land. Finally, I lifted my arms up and smashed my feet into the trampoline, coal black, smooth and bouncy. Reluctantly, the trampoline desisted my fall. I lifted my arms in the clear air and the beautiful oxygen filled my lungs. I thought it was so much fun. I had just done a flip on my neighbor’s trampoline, a large, round, stretchy trampoline. All of my friends were amazed. My brothers, small, loud and excited, cheered in unison with the other kids: “Noah! Noah! Noah!”

They thought it was cool. We were all playing outside. The whole neighborhood of fifty families, each with at least one kid. My parents cheered while my dogs just stared, tails wagging, lipstick pink tongues hanging out. It was happy hour. Happy hour is a tradition in our neighborhood. During the summer, every first Friday of every month, we do it. We all play outside and hang out together. We are one big community. One big family, laughing and playing. Each happy hour has a different theme. We are like a colony of bees. All working together to have fun. We play outside in harmony, a school recess. My favorite theme is Mexican. We all wear sombreros. They serve tacos and, even though I am allergic to them, I still have fun. We put streamers all over and we celebrate. It is the best. I can’t wait to see what next year’s theme will be. My first try had been a success.

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