Bob the Chicken
Jessie, Age 9, North Vancouver, BC

In a far away chicken coop there lived three chickens; Amny, Sela, and Bob. One day Sela went to visit her grandma and Amny went with her. After a few days, a monster came! He wrecked the chicken coop and scared Bob away. Bob was so angry that he decided to go find the monster and fight!

First he needed a sword and some food, so he went to find some. After a long time, Bob found a sword! And even better, he found his friend Amny! Amny said that Sela had walked too fast, and then he got lost. Amny also said that he didn’t have any food and that he was hungry. Bob said that he couldn’t find any food either. “I think I passed by a farm when I got lost,” said Amny, “so why don’t we look for it?”

“Good idea!” agreed Bob. So they went to look for that farm.

On the way, Bob told Amny about the monster because Amny had asked why Bob was holding a sword. Just as Bob was finishing the story, they found the monster! “So is that the monster?” asked Amny.

“Yes, it is,” answered Bob.

“Well, that monster is big!” said Amny. Then they saw that behind the monster was the biggest field of corn any chicken had ever seen.

“CORN!” shouted Bob and Amny together.

“So I guess we have to get past the monster if we want the corn,” said Bob.

“Probably,” said Amny.

“How are we going to do that?” asked Bob.

“I don’t know,” replied Amny. So they sat down on a rock to think.

After a while, Amny said, “I have got an idea! You can get the monster to chase you while I get as much corn as I can!”

“Great ideal!” said Bob. So they went to do the plan.

First Bob went in front of the monster and yelled, “Hey, you! Come and get me!” While the monster chased Bob, Amny went to pick some corn. When Amny was done, he told Bob to eat the corn with him, and then scare the monster away. So Bob and Amny ate the corn, then scared away the monster. Then Sela came! Bob and Amny told Sela all about what they did to the big monster, and they lived happily ever after.

                                                     The End

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