The Cage
Jaynie, Age 12, Centerville, OH
                      The sun not visible
The stars not visible
A blanket of darkness over the world
The metal cage that was as hot as the afternoon sun
Now as cold as darkness itself
The croaking and chirping of the crickets mocked my loneliness
I kept moving needing to run needing to roam
The freedom so close but the metal bars closer
I stopped no longer moving no longer pacing
My eyes slowly gave way
I dreamed
The illusion so real
The fantasy strong enough

That I almost felt the moist dew covered grass beneath my feet
My body free
I could bolt far away from my enclosed prison
I woke up from my dream
I returned to my nightmare
I was still motionless
The rest of the world was moving but I was trapped
I was pacing but I still felt like I was dead
Along with my spirit
My thoughts were interrupted by the break of dawn
By the misty fog
By a boy
Who was as trapped as me in his sadness
Haunted by his past
Like a trapped tiger
Like the disappearing fog
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