Chaos in the Clouds
Allison, Age 12, Fanwood, NJ

Giggling and gazing admirably at their teachers, students sat side by side in the tranquil school.

Joyfully, they whispered amongst themselves, but listened carefully to the teacherís directions as well.

All was calm, all was peaceful, and it was just an ordinary day, in an ordinary school,
No one saw it coming.

Miles above, in a land far, far away, a sparkling white building sat in the clouds.

While the outside was breathtaking, the inside was simply enchanted.

Glamorous, glistening, glass figurine covered shelves lined the astonishingly white walls, sparkling radiantly in the light.

Resembling the school below, they sat still and silent.

Every figurine had a purpose down below, they were guarded heavily, but even the toughest guards cannot keep out all danger.

Suddenly, a dangerous man barged through the door, with a weapon in hand.

Cruel and merciless, he smashed 27 of the beautiful figurines lining the walls.

The others could only sit there immovable and watch as 27 of their most beloved friends and family members explode into shards of glass.

All they could do was hope and pray.

They could only hope and pray that they would not be next.

Their prayers were answered; soon enough, the guards sprinted in, careful to not disturb the remaining figurines, while chasing the man who caused such a destructive ordeal.

They did not know that the only person who could and would stop the man was himself.
When they finally found him, he was lying dead on the floor, a glass figurine lay next to him.

Seemingly smashed by none other than the man lying dead next to his angel.

Weeping and terrified, the remaining glass figurines were broken as well. However, the damage was not visible. This was because, although only 27 were killed, many more thought they would never truly live again.

Eventually, they joined together and although it took a while, they recovered and came back even stronger.

Some believe they recovered because of the glass necklaces they wore every day upon their necks.

The necklaces were made by the thoughtful guards out of the shards of glass that lay on the ground after the traumatic event.

It made them feel better always carrying a piece of their loved ones who lost their lives on that awful day in Sandy Hook.

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