A Friend in Need
Max, Age 13, Marlboro, NJ
                      One bleak night, upon the sea,
A man, not much taller than me,
Sat by the window and cried,
Knowing that he was worthy of chide.
For he had witnessed acts inexplicable,
And felt his actions were despicable.
Once, everything had been harmonious,
But what he'd done had been erroneous.
He had witnessed a man impair another,
And he didn't even bother,
To aid the man or seek some help,
And he kept hearing the two men yelp,
But he just walked on and kept his mind clear,
Ignorant of the things that were going on near.
Now the man tries to forget,
The things he hadn't done and will always regret.
So let this be the lesson you heed:
Always help a friend in need.
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