Picture of a Lifetime
Sayde, Age 13, Warminster, PA

My ears filling up, like a glass of water, with the screams of hundreds of teenage girls, as Lauren and I inched our way to the rail. My head pounding from all the noise, as florescent lights flickered across our faces. The room smelled of laundry detergent, cheap deodorant and soft pretzels. Ears pounding, hands tumbling, I slowly made my way through the crowd of teenage girls.

Magcon, my favorite meet and greet convention, had finally come to Freehold, NJ, so I finally had my chance see all my favorite entertainers in person. I had been waiting for this moment my entire life.

Once we finally got to the rail, screams rapidly burst from the crowd, louder and louder by the second. He strode over to the rail, Jack Johnson, my favorite singer of all time, his golden blonde hair shining in the florescent lighting; he began reaching for girlsí phones. He grabbed the girl standing next to me, and took a picture; she took off running after screaming as if something were chasing her, waving her phone in the air. My mind racing, I realized I had my chance to get a picture. Holding my breath, clenching the cold metal rail, I shot my hand forward, my phone almost hitting his flawless face. He started to smile when he saw us, as his fingers slowly wrapped around my phone, my heart beating out of my chest. Smiling, he opened my camera and held it up, angling it perfectly; he pressed the camera button, and snapped the picture. He handed me my phone and moved on to the next girl; I didnít want this moment to ever end. It left Lauren and me standing there frozen in place, our feet fastened to the ground. I couldnít process what had just happened. Lauren wrapped her arms around me, hugging my shoulder, squeezing me slightly, as I grasped her arm. We started running backwards, jumping up and down, not caring if we ran into anybody. I buried my face in Laurenís soft red sleeve, as tears started to form. Tears filling both our eyes, as we both let out an ear-piecing scream, collapsing to the ground, in excitement. Hands trembling, I sat there grinning like an idiot, as I gawked, astonished, at the picture we just took. We were speechless. I couldnít believe that Jack Johnson took a picture with me; my thoughts were racing at the speed of light. I thought back to the moment when my mom bought the tickets, the two of us waiting in front of the computer for hours, waiting to see if our order had been sent. When it finally was sent, I was incredibly happy, but I had no idea how much fun Iíd have because I had Lauren with me. I finally realized how much I cherished the moments I had with Lauren; they will always be special to me.

When we finally were able to compose ourselves, we dashed over to the rail; a tiny gap still remained for us to stand. Quicker than I could process, famous people from, Nick Tangorra, one of my favorite vocalists, to Kevin Smart, one of my favorite percussionists, surrounded us. They gave us autographs, hugs and kisses, more than seemed humanly possible, and Lauren was right by my side the whole time. I was so grateful that I brought her along with me.

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