The Poppy Picture
Aisha, Age 7, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Zara loved art. One day she was painting a poppy. So she got a paintbrush. That paintbrush was from the most famous shop ever and people used to say that everything was magical in that shop! But Zara always knew that magic was not real.

First, Zara dipped the brush into a night sky blue, and painted everywhere. When it was done drying, Zara painted with the same brush stems, leaves and green bushes. And those dried quickly. Finally, Zara got the same brush and painted poppies that were bright orangish and reddish with one black dot in the middle of every single poppy. And finally it was done. She showed it to her mom and her mom loved it. She hung it up on the wall in Zara’s room.

One day Zara was having a playdate with her friend Aliza. Aliza liked the poppy picture. Aliza and Zara touched it and were immediately inside the picture. Then Zara knew why they were inside.

She said to Aliza, “We are inside my picture because I used a magical paintbrush to paint my picture.”

Aliza understood, but she had one question: “How do we get out of the picture?”

“Well, we touched the picture to get in. Let's touch the picture again so we can get out,” said Zara.

So they did the exact same thing. And it worked!

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