A Rainy Day
Martina, Age 11, Moberly, MO
                      Rainy days can be gloomy,
Rainy days can be sad.
Rainy days can also be nice,
They can also be helpful.
Helpful to farmers with crops,
They can also be helpful in droughts,
Or helpful by filling ponds,
Or by just watering gardens.
Rainy days help fill rivers and streams,
They also help things to grow.
Rainy days can be fun
For maybe readers,
For people who want to stay in bed, and
for puddle jumpers.
For others it can be the opposite,
For house-keepers,
For people who need lawn mowing,
Or for people camping.
So never say a rainy day is always sad,
Go splash in a puddle: it won’t be that bad!
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