A Day at the Ranch
Miguel, Age 12, San Pablo, CA
                      Where I milk the cows
Iím still in bed
Thinking what would I do today
How would you compare the city to the ranch?
Cities have lights
Ranches donít

Dancing in my P.J.s in my room
Yet I donít know how to dance
Changing to my cowboy clothes
They are really hard to put on
Cowboy boots feel very tight
But itís worth it

My family and I go marching outside
Like if we were in an army
One by one
Getting on the truck
On our way to the ranch

I arrived at the ranch
Where I milk the cows
They give fresh milk
What cow should I milk?
Itís hard to catch a cow

Traveling with my horse
With a rope in my hand
But canít catch a cow
I spend a lot of time
Every day to get the cow

I catch a cow
Pulling with all my force
They have a lot of muscle
Finally I stop it
I fill all the buckets with milk
The cow gives really good milk
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