A Real Life Saver
Gabriella, Age 10, San Francisco, CA

It was a hot summer night in Augusta, Maine, when a three-month-old golden retriever woke up to find himself in a box. He wiggled, squirmed, and scratched, but still couldn’t get himself out of the box. The box was wooden and sealed tightly. Suddenly, he felt the box was moving. Then, he felt someone set him down and a doorbell ringing and some quiet chattering. Finally, someone opened the box.

The Allen family had adopted the golden retriever. They all put names in a hat and did a raffle to see what they would name the dog. Mrs. Allen chose one name from the hat. “The name is ……….Mr. Somebody!” she said with excitement. The Allen family agreed it was a very unique name.

Mr. Somebody was confused. He wasn’t at the shelter, nor was he at the doggie playground. Cassandra Allen, the twelve-year-old child, cuddled him very close. Soon enough, he fell asleep in her arms. Cass, Mr. Allen, and Mrs. Allen were carefully putting a leash around Mr. Somebody so they could go on a walk.

When he awoke, he was already on his leash, ready to go. While they were walking along, Mrs. Allen saw that her favorite book was 50% off. She said, “Oh my, be right back. Meet you guys back at home.” Shortly after Mrs. Allen had left, Mr. Allen saw an open house, and said, “Cass, walk straight back home.” Now, Cass was left alone.

At first things went well, but then a clumsy diver hit Cass while they were crossing the street. The driver didn’t bother to help Cass, so he drove away. There was no one on the street, so Mr. Somebody started barking loudly. Some neighbors came out to see what was wrong. While they came out, he started chasing the car. In a flash, the police came and followed the dog to the car who hit Cass. Then, the man was arrested for hit and run.

The ambulance arrived and took Cass to the hospital and the hospital called her parents. They arrived at the hospital later on with faces of sympathy. They both regretted leaving Cass. Cass survived because of Mr. Somebody.

After ten months, Cass was fully healed and they lived happily ever after with Mr. Somebody.

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