Rebecca, Age 13, Dunlap, IL
                      From blue to grey sadness comes over,
One love gone, one day passed.
Hands to hold disappear.
Left alone,
Alone with fear.
One heart goes its separate ways,
Goodbye my love,
Go to your pastures.
To look off into the sunset with a loving gaze,
Breath stolen,
A child cries silent tears,
Watching, waiting.
A mother dying,
Waiting for no one.
A man sits in a room,
Being strong for his wife,
For the daughter that wonít come home.
A hand beckons,
The life taken in front of her eyes.
My sweet dear,
Donít give up.
The door closes.
No door opens.
The tears are a plague,
Take me, take me.
Never going under,
Trying to float.
Because love is the boat
That will save us from
Brush off your dress,
One last kiss.
Goodbye isnít really goodbye.
I will see you.
Because true love canít be torn apart.
Not forever.
To have and to hold
Her hand forever,
Long after they pass.
Get up,
Move on.
A smile
Can break their tattered past.
The scars are there,
But so is love.
Even if it is just a memory
Riding into the distance.
Hope for now
Will get us through.
I give my heart
All to you.
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