A Sunset to Remember
Shailey, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

As I was calmly relaxing on the beach in the Dominican Republic, a beautiful country in the Caribbean, my family and I, minds relaxed, hearts content, were currently under the mesmerizing waves’ spell, when we noticed the watercolors that were painted by an unknown artist in the sky . Our eyes in awe, we perceived this beauty—a pinkish-blue sky with myriad clouds—and the silvery-white moon illuminating down below. To top it off, the ocean-blue waves were lapping against the golden-brown sand in sync. I was amazed by how wonderful a work of nature’s art could be. “Wow,” I dreamily thought, “A paradise right in front of my own eyes.” I absolutely loved it, so my mom decided to capture that beautiful moment while lying under a palm tree.

The memory of the view of the sunset on the beach is very salient to me for copious reasons. First of all, it showed me to enjoy the little things in life. A sunset is a wonderful thing in life that demands to be treasured. I find it very alluring, especially on the beach. It’s something you can observe while relaxing, and it makes you wonder how that beautiful, heavenly work of art came to be. When I see the magnificent picture, it takes me back to tranquilly lying on a beach chair and watching the sky, a canvas of vivid colors, settle down for the night, a light breeze blowing.

Second, I experienced this incredible view with my family. The Dominican Republic, especially the beach, was a place for my family and me to let loose, relax, and have fun together. Unfortunately, it is not very often that my family and I can spend quality time with each other, so this was a special experience for us. Enjoying something with your family is more entertaining than enjoying it by yourself.

A small, yet valuable, picture made me realize that life should be lived to the fullest, and to appreciate the little things in life. Also, I realized that my family will always be by my side, even if they’re not with me all the time, because family is forever. Sometimes, something so small, like a work of nature’s artistic beauty, can mean something so big.

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