Two Sisters
Rayne, Age 11, Vernon, BC

Once there were two sisters. Their names were Stella and Tessa. They were very nice. Then one day they went to their friend's house without permission!

They got lost. Stella said to Tessa, “I’m scared!”

Tessa said, “I know!”

Then, suddenly, a rainbow parrot squawked, "Follow me"!

The parrot led them to their friend’s house.

“Thank you, parrot,” they both said. Then Stella knocked on the door.

Rose said, “Come in,“ so they went in!

They had a lot of fun. They played games, dress up, make up, pool, and swings. They had a blast!

Then Rose said, “Lilly is my pet and I’m a princess.”

Stella and Tessa said, “COOL!”

But Rose said, “It’s time for you to go now. Bye, see you later!”

So Stella and Tessa went into the jungle. Then they got lost. Stella said to Tessa, “I’m really scared!”

Tessa said, “Me too!”

A rainbow parrot squawked, “Follow me!”

Then they heard their parents calling, “Stella, Tessa, where are you?”

They came out. “Oh, Stella and Tessa, we were worried sick! You are grounded for the rest of the week! Young ladies now to your rooms,” the parents said.

“Now, Tessa, never leave the house again,” said Stella.

"You too, Sis," Tessa said and giggled.

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