Ashley, Age 10, Orem, UT

One snowy December day in the woods, a baby girl was found swaddled up in white silk blankets. A young mother, her name was Malia, picked up the child, who looked not even a year old, and she took her to her cabin. Where she found her husband, who was named Roger, her three boys and her two girls were all playing. The children were Heather, the eldest at age seventeen; Jake, the second oldest at age fourteen; Jacob and Caleb, the middle children at age ten; and lastly little Lora, who was only five. Her husband saw the child and said, “What is that that you carry? Put it back where it belongs.”

And the wife answered, “I found this child alone in the woods. Did you expect me to leave it there? It is not even a year old and it's winter.”

There was a moment of silence. Then the husband walked behind her as to see the child, as did his five others, and said, “So, what shall be her name?”

The mother replied softly, “Cora.”

The baby grew; so did the others. At the age of five, Cora, like all the other children,
was scared. “Wolf Week” was coming. At this time, she had a twenty-two-year-old sister and a ten-year-old sister. She also had a nineteen-year-old brother and a ten-year-old brother. Wolf Week was dangerous. Sadly, her own father had almost died in Wolf Week; he was now crippled and ill.

Malia found out something crazy. This Wolf Week, Lora had died, along with Caleb, but she knew who did it. Roger was too ill to know; if he did, he probably would have died. All Malia had left was her four children: Heather, Jake, Jacob, and Cora.

During Wolf Week every five years, Malia would lock down her house so her wolf-girl wouldn’t get out. But when Cora was fifteen, love was in the air. Cora had fallen in love with a tall blond-haired wolf hunter. “These crazy creatures,” he would say. “I’m gonna kill them.” He was not the right man for her.

Wolf Week was approaching fast. Cora killed almost everyone except the wolf hunter. He got to her first; sadly, he pierced her heart with silver and she died.

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