Ms. Goose
Nicole, Age 9, Vernon, BC

Once in a large field with a beautiful pond lived a shy little goose with attitude, Ms. Goose. Now Ms. Goose was no normal goose: she was a big fat goose.

One spring day she was flopping along when she felt a cliclump so she wobbled home and sure enough she had 4 little white eggs.

Day after day she felt there would be no goslings for it took so long. "This is the 8th day and not a thing," grumbled Ms. Goose.

The whole pond knew she had eggs but one particular little man, Mr. Muskrat, wanted to eat the eggs. So one night he went for a hunt. Mr. Muskrat slowly picked Ms. Goose. She woke up and honked. Mr. Muskrat ran off with the eggs.

Ms. Goose called all the Canada Geese in the world. They lined up and marched after Mr. Muskrat. When they got to his clumpy house they yelled "We want the eggs! We want the eggs!"

Mr. Muskrat was horrified and ran away never to be seen again.

Ms. Goose thanked all the geese and they flew home. When she got home to her comfy nest the eggs hatched! There were two girls and two boys. She named the girls Kay and Paddy and the boys Puddle and Zen. Kay was small with a pink bow, Paddy was a rather large goose with purple socks. Zen was a shy little goose and Puddle? Puddle, well he was a lot like his mother! A goose with an attitude.

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