Sarah's Stars

David Almond. Skellig
Dell Yearling, ISBN 0-440-41602-7  $6.99  182 pg.

Michael has just moved to Falconer Road, into a dilapidated old house.
Plus, there has recently been an addition to his family - a new baby.
Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned. Michael's Mum thinks that
the baby never quite left Heaven to make it all the way here to Earth.

"Do you know what shoulder blades are for?" he asked.

"It's a proven fact, common knowledge. They're where your wings were and
where they'll grow again." she giggled.

David Almond has created a masterpiece: a truly wonderful piece of fiction.
His writing definitely earns a five star rating, because Skellig is an
amazing book, suitable for all ages. It is a soft cover novel with
182 pages of enriched fantasy. Or is it fantasy? You'll have to make that
decision when you read it.


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