The Big Apple
Albert, Age 12, Buckingham, PA

It was a majestic five-star day in the sprawling city of New York. When we first boarded the train, hearts pumping, thoughts swirling, time flashed and what felt like mere seconds passed. Yet we were there at the heart of New York City. We arrived at a train station, the historic Penn Station, expecting a myriad of sights.

“Guys,” my dad said, “first we are going to the Statue of Liberty, and we will continue from there.”

Those words took me out of my swirling thoughts, wondering how the day would turn out, to see my family departing quickly towards the Statue of Liberty. Legs pumping, deep breathing, I caught up with them, to see the line for the ship stretch across the world. Feet groaning, silently muttering, I was morose about the thought of the possible hours we would have to wait for the line to thin down. My brother looked at my reluctant face and sneered at me, mocking my inability to be patient. My face flustered with anger as we waited. What felt like ten decades later, we finally got on the ship. As crowded as New York is in rush hour, the ship was filled with “Ows” and “Watch its!” Yet with the crowded ship came spectacular sights, the rebuilt World Trade Center standing tall came and went as we floated down the New York Harbor. The Statue of Liberty also went by as we slowly passed it and soon we found ourselves in the bustling streets of Chinatown. Lunch zoomed by and left like a drive by movie theater, and we were off to the magical Times Square.

When we arrived at Times Square, I was panting like a dog. Yet the humongous buildings beside it blew my mind away. The colorful buildings were like a rainbow in the sky after the rainiest day in history. For a while I stood gaping at the spectacular sights, while millions of people hurried towards their destinations. That was the moment when I realized the importance of family and how much I appreciate them.
The day may have flashed by quickly, but I was reliving cherished memories of my family and me. As we departed the Big Apple, I thought of the next time I would see this majestic city. We may be family, yet we still fight occasionally. But I genuinely appreciate them for helping me grow. 

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