Atunbik vs. Zistawhy
Tabreek, Age 12, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

It all started when Senomia, the savior, was born in the fairyland Atunbikus. When Senomia was born, everyone loved her more dearly than anyone else. Some fairies knew that she was the savior, while others doubted that.

“No doubt she is the savior,” Renna declared.

“I agree; green eyes and a perfect face,” Melinna announced.

“Our spell book mentions that we will have a savior who will rule over us and defeat the evil witches. Once and for all,” Lea informed.

“It must be her,” Renna confirmed.

Seven years later, she had received a lot of blessings and was the most obedient fairy. She knew more than the Queen Fairy and was ready to defeat the evil at such a young age and without much training. From what she knew, the attacks on Atunbikus were predicted to commence any day now. The destined date was around her seventh birthday. She loved the fairyland, which she would defend to the best of her ability.

Vinomia, the Queen Fairy in Zistawhy (evil witch land), grew very envious of Senomia. She had put so many curses on Atunbikus, but the fairies were still content. If the others were saying so, Senomia must be the savior. If that was true, she would be a bigger rival than the Queen Fairy for Vinomia. Vinomia must defeat Senomia. It was all Senomia’s fault.

“I can’t let them enjoy themselves after they have managed to outwit me each time. I want to destroy Atunbikus and I will no matter what obstacles I will have to face,” Vinomia planned.

Each time, Vinomia had failed because of a tiny mistake. Everything was ready and the attack would happen on midnight. She prepared for her victory and rejoiced in advance.

“No mistakes this time,” she decided.

All fairies in Atunbikus were wide awake fearing Vinomia’s attack. At the same time, Senomia was confident that she wouldn’t let Vinomia gain the victory.

Just then a gust of black dust flew entered Atunbikus through their skies. The fairies’ hearts beat faster and faster each second. They knew this could only be Vinomia.

The fairies tried to curse Vinomia but none of them had enough power to break the enclosure of safety around Vinomia. Senomia, on the other hand, had more power than Vinomia. She extended her hand forward and she cursed Vinomia with the worst spell possible: magical disabilities. She could have been saved then and there if her co-fairies were quick enough to grab her hand before the spell spread throughout her body. But the co-fairies were too late.

The fight wasn’t over yet. The other witches were equally powerful. They all cursed Senomia together, but they failed as Senomia could not be harmed, ever. The witches cursed all the fairies in Atunbikus, but the fairies held out their wands and reflected the evil spells back to the witches.

Somehow, Vinomia seemed to have gained her magical powers again, but each time she tried to curse Senomia, the spell was reflected to her automatically. Vinomia soon healed the other witches from Zistawhy. They engulfed Atunbikus, but Senomia saved every one of the fairies.

Like always, Vinomia lost to the fairies again. Senomia did not let them just leave the battlefield. She turned all of the evil witches into mundane frogs without their magic powers and this spell was irreversible. Once again the evil was defeated once and for all.

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