My Best Camping Trip Ever
Danny, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was early morning on July 3, 2012. My dad rented an R.V and my mom began to pack food. My cousin listened to his loud music. Marshmallows were packed in containers. I was excited about going camping.

My cousin was at my house. He is an eight-year-old little boy who is short and skinny. My cousin’s skin color is light as sour cream. His eyes are light brown. The T-shirt that he was wearing was baby blue and his shorts were khaki. His light brown eyes seemed to be saying, “Let’s go already because I want to get wet.”

Everyone was going inside the R.V, and all of our neighbors were staring at us. The engine started; it felt like the beginning of an adventure. I was excited every time I thought about camping. As soon as we were all inside the R.V, we went on the road to the campsite.

My sister is an eight-year-old girl, who is short and skinny. She has brown hair, mocha skin color, and her eyes are light brown. She was wearing pink shorts and her T-shirt was as light pink as a flamingo. Her light brown eyes seemed to be saying, “I want to go to the lake.”

The lake and the park were beautiful. Lots of people were talking and enjoying themselves. It was really hot and it felt like if you were in the desert. I was happy to be there because it was my first time going camping.

My uncle is chubby and tall. He has black hair, and his skin color is as brown as chocolate. He was wearing red shorts and a white T-shirt. His brown eyes seemed to be saying,” Let’s go have fun!”

Then we went to the lake and we played all day. The kids and I played with our water guns and also played in the sand. We make figures in the sand and afterwards we rode a jet-ski. Then we went back to the R.V., and had lunch. Later we made a bonfire and had the marshmallows that my mom had packed. Then we played hide and go seek in the dark. As we were playing, we ran into a raccoon. The raccoon was eating the food out of the trash can.

Suddenly, we heard my mom saying that it was time to go to sleep. We all ran back to the R.V. to get ready to sleep. All the kids and my mom slept inside the R.V.; my dad and uncle slept in the tent outside. Once we were all in bed, we began to tell scary stories. After the stories, I could not sleep, but then my mom said that they were not true.

The next morning, my dad and my uncle woke us up by scaring us. After scaring us, my dad gave all the kids’ breakfast. Soon after breakfast, we all headed down to the lake, and there was no one there. We had the lake all to ourselves. After some time, more and more people kept arriving at the lake. When the lake became overpopulated, we decided to go back to the R.V. After a great time camping, we packed everything and went back home.

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