Big Summer Bummer
Horacio, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

“Wake up, wake up! I’ll be late.”

“Settle down. You’ll be late for what???”


“School??? You don’t have school—you’re on summer vacation.”

“What a relief!!!”

“Sometimes that boy really worries me,” said my dad exhaustedly.

After my heart dropping, thinking I had school, I settled down with a big bowl of Honey Oats and it was 9:00 a.m. and I started to watch TV. Then I decided to let our Husky out in the front yard. Little did I know the front gate was open—she bolted out the gate.

Usually she doesn’t go far because she knows to wait. But I didn’t know what went wrong with her and she kept running like something was telling her to keep running and don’t stop. I ran, ran, and ran after her; it was like going after a race horse. Then when I thought I had her, I tip-toed to the nearest wall so she wouldn’t see me. Then, when I thought nothing could get worse, it did. She saw a cat. I hate when that happens, where you think anything can’t get worse, and then it does.

“Well, if this doesn’t work nothing will,” I said exhaustedly because I had tried everything else, from trying to bring her back with a piece of ham to grabbing my cat and trying to make her chase it back home, so I did what I thought would work. I told my mom to shake the keys and try to make my Husky think she’s going on a car ride, and what do you know…she jumped in the car!!! What a relief that was.

Soon after my dog was in the house, I decided to ask my dad if we could go to Raging Waters next weekend, and he said yes. So a few days passed and I was happier than my dog when she gets a bone, but my dad came and told me that Raging Waters is closed for the weekend because of some problems with the rides. It was truly a summer bummer. Then in my mind I said, “If I can’t go to Raging Waters or have a relaxing day without having my dog go crazy and run down the street, I’ll just go to my cousin's house and play video games." But like all the other disasters, my cousin had left with his dad to Oakland and was staying over for the whole week!

After the running Husky, the no-go to Raging Waters, and the no cousin fiasco, I was lying in bed sad and alone when my dad and mom told me to get in the car, no questions asked. After the car ride, I realized it was my cousin’s house and he was there in shorts and a towel waiting for my dad, mom, and I to get ready to go to Raging Waters.

“What’s all this?” I said surprised at what I saw.

“Well, since your cousin got sick, he came back early, and at the same time the people at Raging Waters finished fixing the rides, and just in time because your cousin is all better,” my dad said. So in the end I was able to have a great summer even though in the beginning it was really a summer bummer. 

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