I Do Care
Jada, Age 11, New York, NY
                      I donít care
Look at me, what do you see?
I see nothing special
If you do, youíre wrong
I do the wrong things
Yes, now and then
But I donít care
why should I?

Anytime I try to do right
I just end up in a fight
You see itís not easy being me
And do you know why?
Mama donít got a job
And money donít grow on trees
So we living a poor life
But I donít care
Why should I?

All the troubles in the world
The crimes, I could get sucked into
I could end up in jail
I wouldnít want everyone to see me fail
But if I do
I donít care why should I?

But I should care
Do you know why?
Because if I do Iíll be living a high life
Money will be everywhere
Iíll be a star
People will know me
I will be loved for the first time in my life

I should care because
No matter what people do out there
I will choose to do right
Get into no more fights
Start to love myself
And stay on the right path
See, itís reasons like these why I do care.
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