Family Vacation Gone Awesome
Edwin, Age 11, Richmond, CA

It was seven in the morning when I woke up to start packing, because my family and I were going to a beach. I called my best friend Marcos and asked him if he could go with me. He asked his mom if he could go with me. Then he began to pack, and then I told him to bring his iPad. He said no. But I know he was lying because I saw him putting it in his backpack. It was finally time to go, but I felt like something was going to happen.

While my best friend and my whole family were in the car, Marcos and I were playing on our phones and on that day we were wearing beach clothing, like beach shorts with different colors like yellow and red. Together we were using beaters. We got to L.A. at 3 p.m. but first we went to a hotel for three days and we were there for the rest of the weekend. Then Marcos and I went to the pool to swim; I wanted to push him into the pool really badly. I ran but then he dodged, then basically I jumped without being prepared. At that moment his eyes seemed to be saying, “Ha, ha, ha!”

Then I asked my mom if she could take us to eat because we were starving like a cat in the wilderness. My mom’s boyfriend took us to a buffet, and I got plenty of stuff. I got bacon, French toast, fries, a hotdog, watermelon, and a little chocolate cake. Like I said, I was starving. When we finished, we went to the beach. I was just sitting in a chair while facing the fiery, blazing, tepid sun until my stomach was not too full. I went to have fun with Marcos. First we constructed a big sand castle, and the sand castle was very huge. You could even live in it. Eventually, we went to ride the jet skis, and we were so scared that we were going to fall off and get eaten by a shark. But thank god we did not. When we finished having fun, we went back to the hotel and went to sleep.

“Wake up, wake up!” I yawned as I got up, and as I opened my eyes everyone was ready except for me, so I quickly got up and took a shower. Then when I got out I saw that they all had the Universal Studios lanyards on their necks, except for Marcos because he had never gone to Universal Studios. As we went down to the car, I saw that my cousin Jonathan came and we went together. When we got to Universal Studios, we had all kinds of fun. We first went to the King Kong 360 3D because the last time we went, it took us two hours just to get in the ride, but the ride was only four or five minutes. The ride was just about the same as the movies. We went on the worst ride ever, in my opinion. Transformers in 3D was the only one to have fiery flames, which I thought was extravagant. My favorite ride was The Revenge of the Mummy. This ride went the fastest out of all of the other rides.

Afterward, we went to Jurassic Park, which was the best. At one point the boat goes down, and if you sit in the front you will get wet and it will catch you by surprise. Finally, we went to The Simpsons 3D, without actually using 3D glasses, and it feels like a real rollercoaster. But it does not go anywhere; it just sits there. However it moves just like if you’re inside the film.

When we finished all the rides, we went to eat because we were all starving. On Sunday, we all decided to go to Disneyland. It was my fifth time going there, but I was a little kid when I went there last. I didn’t remember anything from Disneyland. But when we got there, the first ride we lined up for was Splash Mountain. At first, my cousins did not want to go on that ride because they did not want to get wet. But I said I would be in the front and finally they agreed. After thirty minutes waiting in line, I got on the seat. I was shaking like a newborn trying to walk. As the ride went towards the ramp then upwards, I was ready to get soaked. As the rollercoaster went down, I was holding on really hard, and when the rollercoaster went downwards, we screamed as loudly as we could, and then the coaster splashed all over me. Almost my entire body was soaked.

We went to this ride, but I didn’t know what the name was, but that ride was so cool. It had mobsters on every corner, and the ride went like fifty mph. I wanted to go to another ride, but it was only a matter of time before we left. But it is very rare for my family and my best friend to have so much fun for three days, so hopefully this rare event will happen again. After we were on are way to San Pablo, I remembered all the awesome stuff I did with my family and Marcos. Hopefully we’ll go again next year or this year. I will miss all the stuff that I got to do for a very long time. Eventually, after six hours of driving, we finally got to my home city, San Pablo, but I didn’t think I was ready to be there. If you go to Universal Studios and Disneyland for a weekend, your road trip will be awesome, just like mine. But what I’ll remember the most about L.A is all the fun I had.

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